Utility Twine #18
Jute Twine
Sisal Twine
Reflective MFP Utility Rope Hanks
MFP Utility Rope Hanks
Poly Twisted Rope Bags
Poly Twisted Truck Rope
Poly Twisted Mini Coils
Poly Braided Rope
Nylon Twisted Bags
Nylon Twisted Mini Coils
Nylon Braided Bags
Poly Twisted Bulk Reels
Poly Hollow Braided Bulk Reels
MFP Utility Braided Reels
PET Twisted Bulk Reels

Tuff Rope’s Core Hardware Program is a complete program for any hardware store looking for a supplier who can offer the SKUs that their customers are looking for.

Rope, cordage and twine have such a wide range that when sourcing it can often get a bit overwhelming. As a manufacturer we have a unique perspective that allows us to analyze which types, sizes and specs really move off the shelf.

The purpose of offering a Core Program is to help our customers narrow down their items to an optimal level. This doesn’t mean that Tuff Rope isn’t willing to work with you on the items you request. We understand that geography, company preferences and most importantly your own expertise of your customer means that we as a manufacturer need to remain flexible.

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