Variety Stores and Convenience Stores are your quick stop shops for all kinds of things from instant noodles to disposable underwear!


Our Variety Store Program is tailor-made for the type of Tuff Rope you need when you're in a tight spot.

Rope, cordage and twines are powerful tools, It's why our biggest partners are the Hardware Stores you frequent most. 

Tuff Rope works with Hardware Stores of all sizes and types from "Big Box" to independent owners.  

Tuff Rope is an original brand of consumer packaged rope developed and produced exclusively by Ningbo Odin Rope Co., Ltd.


We created this line to assist our customers in developing a recognizable, go-to brand that they can implement into their retail and wholesale markets. Through the Tuff Rope brand we provide customers with a ready to sell product in consumer  rope.

The team behind the Tuff Rope brand is ready to work with you to develop and implement a product that will fit you and your customers’ needs perfectly.


variety store


Promo Items

Helping our customers to merchandise their product is a value-added service that we are proud of and continue to work at.


We have an experienced team that works hard to balance the commercial benefits of good merchandising solutions.

The Tuff Rope team is continually working on new and proven seasonal items for high promotional ROI.

Developed for retailers who want  a quick and easy turn-around on those high sales velocity items.